for those who might ask… YES, Mitla is my name!

It came from the Aztec ruins of Mitla in Oaxaca, Mexico.
The place was a ceremonial center initially dominated by the Zapotecs followed by the Mixtecs.

Before going to USA in 1971 to do their master and doctorate studies, my parents spent a week in Mexico and visited Mitla. Even without knowing its meaning they decided that if they would have a daughter her name would be Mitla, because they simply loved both the place and the name.

I first knew the meaning as “morning star”, when my high school history teacher told me. How lovely!
Some years later I went on vacation to Mexico with my family. Of course Mitla was on our route… Then, visiting the place, for me and my parents surprise we discovered that the real meaning was “Place of the Dead”. wow…

I’d rather be with the first meaning. But I can say that the second one could be useful to keep away unwanted conversation:
“Mitla? What a beautiful name. What does that mean?”

More curiosities about my name?
Well… as far as I know I have never met another Mitla before. (If you know some, please tell her to contact me right away!)

There is a Mitla Pass at the Sinai Peninsula, near Suez Canal, that was strategically important to the Sinai Campaign during the Suez War 1956 between Israel and Egypt.

I recently discovered that there is a far west Cartoon called Tex, created by the italian Giovanni Luigi Bonelli , in which the main character Tex Willer has an female enemy called… Mitla. She is a charming, fascinating, mysterious and dangerous… WITCH!

-how many people besides the internet pioneers can have the domain

-having to do the spelling not only by phone, but also face-to-face