soccer – part I

Each year in june there is a soccer championship between architecture-design-graphic studios from Milano. For the last 2 years the female championship has also been taking place. We the Lissoni Associati’s team are the champions for both years! It is true that where only three teams – Lissoni’s, Antonio Citterio’s and Matteo Thun’s, but we won anyway! 🙂

2003 championship it is going to be much more interesting, because there are 6 female teams: Lissoni; Citerio; Thun; Cibic&Partners+Sottsas Associati; Design Continuum; Stars.
Yesterday we just won our first match against the Stars (4-1). To be precise our first match was supposed to be last week against Thun, but we won by forfait (2-0).
Our next match: thursday Lissoni vs. Cibic+Sottsass. I’ll keep you update!