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chaos in milano streets

A complete chaos in Milano!!! A whole (rainy) day of strike in the public transportation network!
If Italian traffic is known by its drivers craziness I can’t tell what it was like today.
There was no space in the streets where I could ride my bike. Cars where almost touching each other, barely flowing like a river of mud.



Italian vacation

Milano in August is completely deserted. Everybody is out of town, everything is closed including shops, bakeries, and bars. Almost every company closes its doors and doesn’t even answer its phones. All workers take their annual vacation at the same time!

It is incredible how in the year 2003, Italy – a G7 member – can sustain a 20 day “general-strike” once a year!

Aperitivo break

Wednesday evening in Milano… there’s nothing like a nice “aperitivo” after work. It is the charge needed for the ending week! A nice red wine is enough to relax, and take a breath in the middle of the week without compromising it!