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Korean chewing gum

that comes with a block of throwing paper!



To soccer fans


Take a time to have a look on FIFA’s Laws of the Game. It is a nice illustrated PDF, with only 16 laws, simple and clear to everyone.

Except, of course, for the most controversial law in soccer, the offside: there are at least 10 illustrations explaining when there is and when there is not offside.

And for those who still have doubts… you only score when “the whole of the ball passes over the goal line”.

how they got here

It is very funny to find out how people got on your site.
I’m always checking the key words people use in their searches when they find my site.

This week I got really funny examples, for both and mitla-portuguļæ½s.
I decided it deserved a post.

isla margarita fruits and vegetables
bikini jazz singer
sexy geisha in Brazil
como cortar filet mignon
arepa shops in NY
krispy kream bikini girl
juan griego shopping

John Lemon

Esselunga is probably the biggest supermarket chain in Italy, and surely the funniest.
It’s Advertising Campaign, created by Armando Testa, wanted to emphasize that Esselunga’s products were “famous for its quality”.
Fruits and vegetables sold there are so special that each one is a famous personality.
John Lemon is a good example of one of them!