back from vacation!!!

Hello everybody…
I’m finally back from my vacation!!! (not back to broadband yet… but anyway…)
Lorenzo and I spent 3 wonderful weeks with his family! Here are the highlights of our trip:
One week in Miami: “resort lifestyle”, sun, 3 minutes rain, green all over, 32�C outside, 15�C inside, getting a cold…, sea, swimming pool, highways, always going by car, Hummers, Krispy Kream donuts, Isabel news on CNN, pampiro, Middla, driving an automatic car for the first time, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” TV show, Don Pan, Abercrombie and Fitch, GAP, malls, Romero Britto, IHOP, Modjito, hablando espa�ol por toda parte, taking more than an hour to complete check-in and pass through airport security after almost undressing myself…
10 days in Caracas: sun, 3 minutes rain, green all over, 30�C outside, 22�C inside, suffering the cold I got in Miami, �2,00 to put gas in the car, wedding party part-1, parrilla, family reunions, dinners, carne mechada, arepa, unfortunately no chicha this time, Nobu – a nice japanese restaurant, Consolato Generale d’Italia a Caracas, fresh fruit juices, nice and smiling people, crazy traffic going up and down.
3 day weekend in Isla Margarita: sun and green, no rain this time, 32�C outside, 32�C inside, one day sick inside hotel’s room, wonderful beach, white sand, eating fish food, 60 SPF cream, wedding party part-2, whole day in bikini and pareo, using sandals, Papa, Juan Griego Juan Griego, Tututanga logo (see Lorbus post), meeting Lorenzo’s old friends.
Statistics: We left Milano with only 2 carry-on’s 9kg each, and came back with the same carry-on’s, plus one duffel bag of 13kg, and Lorenzo’s guitar. In total we passed through 7 take-off’s and landings. In 20 days we spent 25 hours flying and other 14 hours wanting in airports. 2 days we spent sick on bed, I spent 12 days with cough, for 3 days I got sore throat and couldn’t speak at all and 9 days I had a sexy low voice.

As you can see… we had such a great time!!!



We are having a “broadband blackout” by our ISP mistake!
They say it will take like a MONTH to restore it!!!
Yes… we’re in Italy…

By the way… now that we are connecting by dial-up I’m thinking how was possible to navigate in internet with 56kps…

The geisha world

I have just finished to read Geisha, a Life, by Mineko Iwazaki, which turned out to be a delightful night reading.

Mineko was one of the most successful geisha (geiko as it is called in Kyoto) of her generation. In this auto-biography she presents the fascinating Japanese geisha world, and makes clear the real function of geisha: artist women instead of mistress.

Tom Jobim

Clube do Tom is an official meeting point for fans.

You can find the discography, lyrics, curiosities, and even original recordings to listen.

I found Jobim’s original handwriting for the song “Aguas de Marco” interesting and graphically beautiful. Published in 1972 in occasion of its first recording, in the “Pasquim” newspaper, Rio de Janeiro.

so much to do in so little time