Billie on Holidays

If there is something I really enjoy about a holiday is how you can start your day in slow motion and simply listen to nice music while preparing breakfast, navigating on the internet or doing laundry. Billie, as her last name may suggest, is perfect for these occasions.
(vc nao acha, mami?)



The first step towards knowledge is to know that we are ignorant. (Richard Cecil)
I totally agree.

Aperitivo break

Wednesday evening in Milano… there’s nothing like a nice “aperitivo” after work. It is the charge needed for the ending week! A nice red wine is enough to relax, and take a breath in the middle of the week without compromising it!

First-time snowboarder

It didn’t snow in Milano. No problem at all… last week Lorenzo and I spent 4 days in the montains doing snowboard! It was really cool (pun intended)!
The ski resort: Valchiavenna; and the city: Madesimo, about 130 km north of Milano, in the Alpes, very close to Swiss border.
Snowboard… well, it was my very first time. Almost a week later and my body keeps reminding me that I was a freshman in the sport! Knees and butt painfull and purple.

so much to do in so little time