Clark Terry


Yesterday we went to see the trumpeter Clark Terry at the Blue Note Milano.
He was fantastic with his trumpet and flugelhorn, but it was really inspiring when he actually sang!
Also David Glasser’s alto saxophone was quite impressive.



In the middle of the Swiss Alps, 4:30 hours by car from Milano, you’ll find one of Peter Zumthor’s most famous work: Vals Therme. Last week we spend two wonderful and relaxing days switching from, saunas, to 32C pool, to 32C with rose scent, to 42C and red walls, to 36C open-air (-2C and snowed) pool. Not to mention the fine architecture, concept, details, materials, colours and textures, it is a magical place to stimulate all 5 senses, while enjoying the pleasure of a hot water during the winter.

News from the last 4 months…

Almost 4 months without writing at all… lot’s of news…
First of all, we went on vacation to Miami, to visit Lorenzo’s father and to go shopping… total length: 10 days
We moved to a slightly bigger house, always in Milano. Total length: 3 months (and still on… the never ending story)
Now on the Christmas holidays my parents and brothers came to visit me and we went to the mountains, to Madesimo, to ski. Total length 4 days and 1m of snow during Christmas Eve.
Now back to Milano I still have to work a couple of days to close 2004.
Happy 2005!!!

City Bike

After 2 years of “mountain biking” to work every day (in flat Milano…); after neck and wrist pain because of this kind of bike’s riding position; after racing between cars in the streets and people on the sidewalks to get to the office as if I were working out; I finally decided do buy a City Bike!
As you can see below, the only elements that remain from my sporty-agressive mood are the sun glasses and the helmet. Now, I can almost see flowers in the front basket!



We spent a nice Saturday at Portofino (30min by car from Genova), a trendy spot for Hollywood VIPs during the 50’s. It is a very small but charming port, with colored houses, contrast between small and traditional wood boats and big, modern and luxurious Yachts. We ate the traditional gnocchi “al pesto”, local pasta sauce made by olive oil, basil and pine nuts. There is a small and lovely castle up in the hill, from the British Lord Brown, that has an wonderful site-seeing.

Portofino view from Lord Brown's castle
image from lorbus.

so much to do in so little time