Tom Jobim

Clube do Tom is an official meeting point for fans.

You can find the discography, lyrics, curiosities, and even original recordings to listen.

I found Jobim’s original handwriting for the song “Aguas de Marco” interesting and graphically beautiful. Published in 1972 in occasion of its first recording, in the “Pasquim” newspaper, Rio de Janeiro.


Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2, 2003, by David R. Ellis
An effective thriller… with creative and good-quality death scenes… 😉
A girl has a premonition of a highway accident and prevents a group of people from dying. But Death had already made up its mind…

The Big One

The Big One, 1998, by Michael Moore.
It is the third of Moore’s films that we see. We started with the blockbusting Bowling for Columbine (2002), that was a punch in the face. A portrait of contemporary american behavior and (for me) an introduction for their politics.
We liked Moore and his serious-critique-with-irony-and-fun style so much that we ended up seeing Roger&Me (1989) a couple of months later. Also a really good movie.
Finally yesterday we saw The Big One. As we could expect, he is simply genius the way he presents his cause, and you feel completely involved. The dirty things you always knew that surrounded us gets more clear.

Italian vacation

Milano in August is completely deserted. Everybody is out of town, everything is closed including shops, bakeries, and bars. Almost every company closes its doors and doesn’t even answer its phones. All workers take their annual vacation at the same time!

It is incredible how in the year 2003, Italy – a G7 member – can sustain a 20 day “general-strike” once a year!


Moebius, 1996, by Prof. Gustavo Masquera R.
Interesting movie by the students of Universidad del Cine, Argentina.
Buenos Aires metro has missing train inside its net. A mathematician will help findind out were is it.

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