improved desktop by lorbus

Check out the idea of an Improved Desktop that lorbus posted today!
Pondering his post and my subsequent comment, it reminded me a lecture by the architect Marcus Novak that I saw in 1999 at Sao Paulo. He was presenting his concept of transArchitecture -“architecture beyond architecture, is an architecture of heretofore invisible scaffolds. It has a twofold character: within cyberspace is exists as liquid architecture that is transmitted across the global information networks; within physical space it exists as an invisible electronic double superimposed on our material world.”

This is one of my favorites subjects! I’m open to discuss it…


Net disease reliever…

For Google addicts who are also blog maniacs there is a new beta version of the Google Toolbar! Among it’s new features there’s a ‘popup blocker’ and ‘blog this’ button: you can instantly post to your blog indicating the page your visiting.



Last weekend we went to Amsterdam! First time there… beautiful place, cute houses, bright colours, lots of nature, fresh air, nice (and big) people!

Online MAP

Maporama lets you search online for addresses and/or itineraries from lots of cities!
I looked for my adresses in Milano and Sao Paulo, and it worked just fine!
Then, pushing it, I searched for an itinerary between both… well… I exaggerated! “impossible to determine”.

soccer – part I

Each year in june there is a soccer championship between architecture-design-graphic studios from Milano. For the last 2 years the female championship has also been taking place. We the Lissoni Associati’s team are the champions for both years! It is true that where only three teams – Lissoni’s, Antonio Citterio’s and Matteo Thun’s, but we won anyway! 🙂

2003 championship it is going to be much more interesting, because there are 6 female teams: Lissoni; Citerio; Thun; Cibic&Partners+Sottsas Associati; Design Continuum; Stars.
Yesterday we just won our first match against the Stars (4-1). To be precise our first match was supposed to be last week against Thun, but we won by forfait (2-0).
Our next match: thursday Lissoni vs. Cibic+Sottsass. I’ll keep you update!

so much to do in so little time