I’m going to re-start my blog writing about another thing that I go crazy for: SNOW! Being brazilian, I just got really excited when I saw the weather report for next week in Milano: possibility of snow tomorrow and thursday!
For those who don’t know, Milano doesn’t get snow in the winter. But since I’ve been living here (jan 2000), it has snowed once in 2000/2001 and three times in 2001/2002!
My husband Lorenzo, who has lived in Wisconsin and in Chicago when he was a kid, keeps laghing at me every time I get excited about the weather report.



I’m going to start my blog writing about something that I really like: the movies! Last weekend I saw “donnie darko” (by richard kelly), an american independent production. It’s a very well constructed thriller, the kind you finish seeing and think you’ve missed something. With a movie like this you end up looking for spoilers to see if you can understand the sequence of the events. The same thing happened to me when I saw “memento” (christopher nolan) and “mulholland drive” (david lynch).

so much to do in so little time