Lunch Break…

…my friend and colleague Lorenza and I, during our visit to the construction site of our ongoing project at Venezia…


O Pato

When I was little my dad and I played bossanova together. He used to play the guitar so I could sing with my child like voice, which matches perfectly with the style.
Last month he came to visit us and we spent 10 nice days together. We reminisced old times…
Here is a version of the song “O Pato” (immortalized by João Gilberto in 1959) that he played, I sang and Lorenzo mixed and recorded in his computer.
Pure homemade quality!!! Enjoy.

Billie on Holidays

If there is something I really enjoy about a holiday is how you can start your day in slow motion and simply listen to nice music while preparing breakfast, navigating on the internet or doing laundry. Billie, as her last name may suggest, is perfect for these occasions.
(vc nao acha, mami?)

Aperitivo break

Wednesday evening in Milano… there’s nothing like a nice “aperitivo” after work. It is the charge needed for the ending week! A nice red wine is enough to relax, and take a breath in the middle of the week without compromising it!

so much to do in so little time